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General Information for Current and Potential Instructors

Although Community Services instructors do not need to meet the academic criteria required to teach credit or non-credit offerings, evidence of competence in the subject of a proposed offering is required and teaching experience is preferred. Following are guidelines for the Community Services program:

1) Offerings – All costs of the offering must be covered by participant fees that may include the terms listed under this heading.

a. Salaries: Instructors are currently paid on a percentage scale based on participant enrollment. Persons who teach Community Services offerings must pass fingerprint clearance and TB testing. Please contact our office for more information on the process.

b. Classroom Rental Expense: If applicable.

c. Materials: Cost of any materials for use by the instructor or provided to the students.

i. These expenses must be established prior to the scheduling of the offering. The Community Services office will NOT reimburse any costs incurred by the instructor unless the expenditure has been built into the enrollment fee and invoices from suppliers are provided. If students are to provide their own materials, this information must be included in the offering description and a materials list provided by the instructor.

d. Insurance: Cost of insurance for general and College for Kids offerings

e. Administrative Costs: Including but not limited to mailing, printing, advertising, and staff time.

f. Miscellaneous: Any other expenses of the offering.

2) Attendance

a. ALL participants attending an offering must be registered and must have paid the enrollment fee. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

3) Enrollment Requirements

a. If the number of students required to cover all expenses has not been met, the offering is subject to cancellation. If the required minimum has been met, additional registrations will be accepted up to and at the first day as long as space is available.

4) Registration

a. Interested persons may register online, in person, or by phone. Our mailing address is Merced College Community Services, 3600 ‘M’ Street Stop 51, Merced, CA 95348. Online registration can be found under the “Register Now” tab at the top of this page.

5) Getting the word out

a. It is always helpful for the potential instructor to identify interested students to help meet the minimum enrollment requirements. The Community Services office assists instructors with their marketing efforts in the form of The Catalyst, which is distributed twice a year. We are also happy to help compose promotional flyers for instructors to distribute.

6) Outline

a. Potential instructors are asked to submit an outline of their proposal indicating the objectives and instructional procedure to be followed. A form is provided by the Community Services Office for this purpose. If the Community Services staff determines the offering is appropriate for the program, a meeting will be scheduled with the potential instructor to discuss the proposal.

7) Evaluation form

a. These forms are distributed to registered students. Community Services reviews evaluations to assist with the planning of future offerings.

8) Promotion of Private Enterprise (Businesses)

a. Community Services offerings cannot be used as a forum for the selling of services or products of the instructor. Materials directly related to the content of the offering may be sold at the conclusion of the offering, only if prior approval from the Community Services Office was obtained. All references to the instructor’s personal business must be removed from any handouts used during the offering. Likewise free promotional flyers, materials etc., must be approved for distribution by the Community Services Office.

9) Substitutes

a. If an instructor must be absent due to illness or emergency, the Community Services Office should be notified as soon as possible. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN SUBSTITUTE ARRANGEMENTS OR ADJUST YOUR SCHEDULE. Substitutes must meet Community Services requirements and be approved by the Merced College HR department.

10) Parking Permit

a. A parking permit will be issued to instructors for the duration of their employment. This can be picked up from the Community Services office once an instructor has been approved to work by HR.

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